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With so many registry error repair and PC repair software on the market, how do you ensure you find one that works?  I have tried several over the years and walked away disappointed with most of them.  In fact, some of them even caused more problems with my PC than before I installed them!  I have also tried the freeware and shareware versions on the market.  Those applications may be legitimate tools published by legitimate developers, but I have had very little luck with them.

Now comes the Reimage application.  Reimage was designed as a comprehensive PC repair tool.  This application operates by first analysing the stability of your PC, then performs a security check for Trojans and Viruses and finally reviews your PC’s hardware structure to determine what processes are running on your computer and potentially inhibiting it’s performance.  What differentiates Reimage from many of the competing products on the market is that the software includes a “parts” inventory of over 25,000,000.  These parts are used by the software to restore and fix corrupt or damaged files to get your PC running like new!  The Reimage scanning process is so advanced that it is patented.

So, if you are experiencing annoying error messages, Windows crashes, freezes, registry errors or the Blue Screen of Death, try the Reimage patented technology scan.  Once this free scan is complete, you can make decisions on how to tackle your computer problems. If the diagnostics come up with no major problems, deleting some unused applications, or simply buy more memory may be the best solution for you.

What do you have to lose… except those annoying PC errors!

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