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Windows has a pretty bad reputation for being “unstable”. Now, I’m not here to defend Windows, but I do think that some of that reputation is misplaced. If you think about the thousands of applications that are designed to work with Windows, you can imagine that it would be virtually impossible for Microsoft to guarantee Windows compatibility. So, Windows relies on the developers of the software applications to manage the interaction with Windows. An unfortunate consequence is that over time a PC can start to become sluggish, reboot suddenly and unexpectedly, give the user registry errors and the mother of all errors… the Blue Screen of Death!

But, what causes the PC to start to behave this way? As you install, uninstall and modify applications on your PC, registry entry are made, deleted and modified. Over time these registry keys and entries, DLL files, system files and application files can become corrupt or damage. This can cause yout PC to operate frustratingly slow, cause constant error messages. Many times adding memory or upgrading other hardware components won’t fix the problem because it is a system issue.

With so much software available on the market today, it is virtually impossible to keep your Windows machine in pristine condition. So, inevitably you will experience registry errors and some of the other issues described above. However, to help reduce the issues you experience with your PC, I do recommend installing only certified applications from reputable developers. Saving a few bucks today on freeware or shareware can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost productivity, lost data and frustration. I speak from experience…

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