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What Is Reimage?
June 21st, 2010

If you are a Windows based PC user, you have likely experienced the infamous “Blue Screen of Death”. Even if your PC hasn’t surprised you with that disheartening screen, you have at least experienced slowing performance, spontaneous reboots and registry errors. Although Windows often gets a bad rap for these issues, many times they are caused by other software applications that are installed and / or uninstalled from Windows. Those applications can cause registry errors and major problems with your PC. In addition, malware and adware is extremely prevalent and easy to pick up. As a long-time PC user (I even build my own) and a former manager of an IT department, I have witnessed hundreds of hours of lost productivity, frustration and irretrievable data loss caused by these errors.

Over the years, I have tried several shareware and paid applications claiming to “fix” these issues. However, many of them only identify the problem areas leaving the user the job of finding a cure for the problem. Unless you are an experienced PC technician, that can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. That is exactly why the company behind Reimage developed their application!

One of the primary reasons Windows becomes unstable is because “pieces and parts” of the operating system and registry get damaged or come up missing all together. Reimage PC repair software has an inventory of over 25,000,000 parts to fix those registry errors and restore your PC to virtually new performance again. Reimage even offers a free scan to provide you a report related to the stability, security and hardware processes that may be negatively affecting your PC’s performance.

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What Is Reimage? 10 Jun 21

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